27 July 2010

Annoyed by an 'Annoying Orange'

 You wake up in the morning, wearing a big smile on your face, then suddenly you realize you're already late for school. So, you hurry up and do stuffs as fast as you can, then you'll see yourself stuck on a heavy traffic. On your way, there's someone whom you really don't know, he approaches you, tries to tell stories, tries to be FC (feeling close), tries to be funny when actually he's not then you're irritated. Finally you'll enter the classroom and your seatmate tells you, you missed a surprise quiz, you get upset, another tells you how easy the quiz was and he got a perfect score... so you're totally pissed off!

And now, I thought of writing about 'Annoying orange'. Out of boredom, I got to watch this on YouTube, and it's really funny. By the way, annoying, in Filipino, is nakakainis, nkakairita, nakakaasar, nakakabanas or nakaka-BV (bad vibes).

Annoying orange is a comedy web series created by Dane Boedigheimer, known as 'daneboe'. It was only January, this year that it had its own channel in YouTube and surprisingly, each episode earns more than a million views. The series is about a talking orange who tries to annoy fruits, vegetables, everything, even Santa Claus and an iPhone, every time he gets to have a chance to have a conversation with them.

Having reached 25 million views, I assume this is the most popular of all the episodes.

In Facebook, Annoying Orange got more than 2 millions of fans. Check it out HERE.

My primary motive of writing about this annoying, retarded, ugly orange is not to make him more known to people but to let you know how annoying things, people, can be and at least to offer you ways on how to deal with them.

We can't deny the fact that there really exist crazy, irritating
 creatures. But the challenge is to not let them ruin your day, and so I suggest, (1) learn to ignore them. Just don't pay attention to them, and it could be more effective if you (2) try to make it obvious. *Haha* The more you make them feel 'you don't care', the less they will come to you. Next, (3) sarcasm usually works here. Yes, they are annoying but still, try not to be harsh on them. When someone so annoying is near to you, (4) try to make yourself busy (I mean, pretend you're busy doing something, when in fact, you're so much bored with your life) or talk to somebody else. But, of course, if this 'annoying' person is a friend, I suggest that you (5) tell him/her she's irritating, and how irritating she gets (sometimes), and then (6) help her work on her annoying behavior or attitude.

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