31 August 2010

Help Me Win!

The voting on the contest I've joined in is now open. I need your support in order to win. Kindly follow the simple steps below to support me.

1. 'Like' the page of Powerbooks Store.
2. 'Like' my book cover.
3. 'Share' my entry to your friends to vote for my book cover.

That's it! Three simple steps and your done. Thank you for showing your support. I greatly appreciate it.

I Need Your Support!

 I really need you! I'm going to join a contest held by Powerbooks Store on Facebook. It's about making your own book cover design for Mockingjay, the third book of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The thing is that you need to 'like' my own book cover design to have a copy of the book. The voting starts on 16AUG10 M and ends on 31AUG10 T. The announcement of winners would be the day after the voting ends.

I've finished and submitted my book cover to Power Books Store! Time to see it now. Don't forget to visit here again on AUG16 for the procedure on how to vote for my entry. Thank you.

29 August 2010

The Googleplex: Google Office

Google office design
 Google is an American public corporation specializing in Internet search. It generates profits from advertising bought on its similarly free-to-user e-mail, office productivity, social networking, online mapping and video sharing services, YouTube. Google has more recently developed an open source web browser and a mobile phone operating system. Its headquarters the so called Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California. As of March 31, 2009, the company had 19,786 full-time employees. It runs thousands of servers across the world, processing millions of search requests each day and about one petabyte, one quadrillion bytes or 1000 terabytes, of user-generated data each hour.

Google office design
Now, we will take a look of a Googleplex, where googlers work and spend most of their time. NOTE: This is for real.

Google office design
More photos after the cut!

28 August 2010

Management - Chapter 9 & 10

 Quiz 3 is coming so fast. I have a bad news and a good news. The bad news is that the coverage of quiz 3 is too broad, from chapter 9 to chapter 13. Too bad, isn't it? The good news is the copy of slides of chapters 9 & 10 are now available for download! Good? Don't think so. Get it now.

We also have the format for our project. Do good guys!

25 August 2010

Kinematics - Plate Cam CAD (Plate #5)

 Design a cam, turning counterclockwise, to give a reciprocating follower, slide 4, following motion: rise 4.25 inches with simple harmonic motion during 135 degrees rotation of the cam; rest for 45 degrees; drop 1.25 inches instantly; drop 3 inches with harmonic motion during 120 degrees; remain still for 60 degrees. Oscillating arm AC is 14 inches long and carries a roller .75 inch in diameter running on a journal B, 8 inches from A and on the center line of AC. This roller is actuated by the cam. A connecting link CD, 6 inches in length, joins C to the slide 4 at D. D is below AC. The fixed axis A, of AC, is 6.5 inches to the left and 3 5/8 inches above the axis of rotation of the cam. The center line of travel of D is vertical and 6 inches to the right of the axis of rotation of the cam. AC is to travel equal angular distances above and below the horizontal.

The problem was retrieved from Elements of Mechanism by Doughtie and James, p.480 - L-39.

Download the figure HERE.

History of Internet: Intergalactic Network

 Have you ever wonder where Internet originates? This now the right time to know Internet's history. Just scan over this long picture and you'll know more about Internet. Enjoy.

24 August 2010

Economics - Cost Concepts [Lesson 6]

A new chapter to read. We are now halfway to the end of first semester in majoring years. So don't lose your determination, start reading lessons now! This is just the beginning.

Download Here

23 August 2010

Will Hong Kong Ban Philippines?

 This is probably what's running on your mind now. Will Hong Kong ban Philippines after the bus hostage taking of a dismissed police captain, Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza? There were a total of 15 hostages, 14 Hong Kong tourists, and 1 Filipino as the driver of the bus. It is not yet confirmed how many died in the said tragic event but what is sure for now that there were survivors.

22 August 2010

President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III Website

 Our own President Noynoy Aquino launched his very own website last August 16, 2010. The main mission of PNOY Website is to create communication between President Aquino and the people, us. Another purpose is to get feedbacks from the society, telling the president their woes and grievances. It is to make a way for the Filipino citizens to interact with him in order to know the people's thoughts and problems to make the administration much more trustworthy. 

20 August 2010

Economics - Lesson 5

 Preliminary examinations are now over and we are back on track. We can't stop studying lessons. So now, here is the copy of the presentation of lesson 5 in economics. Good luck on the second half of the sem.

Download Lesson 5

19 August 2010

 Convergys Philippines, the BIGGEST & the BEST call center in the country today, is currently hiring candidates for a leading worldwide communications provider in the US. These Customer Service Experts will be housed in the lifestyle & fashion center of Makati, Glorietta 5.

The good news is that there is an on-going online job fair which started August 13 and will last until September 11. These candidates will have a chance to win a 16gb Apple iPad by registering. This is no joke.

Live your dreams with the BIGGEST and the BEST Call Center, for more info. click HERE! And don't forget to add our URL, 

18 August 2010

Goodbye, Google Wave

GOOGLE is shutting down Google Wave, its web-based program that lets people chat, share files and collaborate on documents in real time.

In a blog post, Google said Wave "set a high bar for what was possible in a web browser".

In September last year, Google began inviting people to test Wave, which merges email, online chat, social networking and "wiki" style group access to web pages or documents. With the Wave, email or instant messages blossom into shared online arenas where anyone in the exchange can edit documents, add digital content, or comment at any time.

Click HERE to visit Google Wave.

17 August 2010

First Major Exams are Now Over

 My first preliminary examinations as a mechanical engineering student is now over. And I only have one thing to say, it is completely different compared to the major exams during my first and second year in engineering.

The exams for this sem has eaten 5 days while the whole 1st two years consistently used 4 days. The thing is that everyday it felt like I'm going to have an exam on a major subject so basically I can't afford to waste time. The subjects are more technical now compared to last year's subjects. This coming week there is still a preliminary exam for Kinematics where we will draw within 3 hours. Good luck for me.

This is only the beginning.

16 August 2010

iTouch App: Ultimate Guitar Tabs

 Ultimate Guitar Tabs is an easy and convenient application for viewing guitar tabs, bass tabs, chords, and even drums tabs. Apparently, UG is the only mobile application giving us unlimited access to the world's largest database of Tabs from Ultimate-Guitar.com. You will literally view and browse the collections over 300,000 tabs. Learn and practice your favorite songs wherever you are. Make your guitar happy cause all your tabs are not at your hands.

15 August 2010

The Winners of Sony VAIO M Series

Here are the three winners of Sony VAIO M Series. Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you for participating the contest from our site. Hope to see you here again for the next contests. Cheers!

If you are still not contented, feel free to check out Sony Philippines site.

13 August 2010

Machine Shop - Machining Hand-out

 The compilation of the hand-out from Ariel's profile is now accessible and ready to be downloaded. I compiled 63 pages in all. I know this would be tough for us but don't lose the determination to finish all of it. I know we can do it. Good luck!

Tomorrow will be the last day of our preliminary examination and I hope that all of us will be happy with the result of the exams. Feel free to click our ads seen on the right sidebar, top header, and bottom part of the site.

Click HERE to access the hand-out.

Kinematics - Instantaneous Axis (Plate #3)

 Here's my third plate. Like my second plate, it's about Velocity Analysis. I made this plate right after drawing the second one. It took me 2.5 hours to completely finish the plate. I had a hard time drawing it because the instantaneous axis of the links are too far, so I have to use a big compass. Here's the compass used by my classmate while making this plate.

Drawing after the cut.

12 August 2010

Facebook 100th Like Achieved!

Days have passed so easily and Journey to Mechanical Engineering is now on its 4th week. As the time goes by, many friends, colleagues and even strangers visited our site. Early this week, our Facebook likes has reached over 100! Take a look at it.

Print screen after the cut!

11 August 2010

Kinematics - Resolution and Composition (Plate #2)

 My second plate is about Velocity Analysis using the resolution and composition method. Velocity analysis is a graphical technique used for the determination of the velocities of the parts of a mechanical device, specially those of a plane mechanism with rigid component links. It was the first lesson on my Kinematics class and my third plate is also about velocity analysis using the instantaneous axis method.

The drawing itself is not that hard but you need to be very careful in executing the steps. Analyzing the problem is much more difficult. The more complex the linkage are the harder it will be. My second plate isn't that complicated but it took me about 3 hours just to finish this plate and I hope I will get a high grade on it. 

Drawing after the cut.

10 August 2010

iTouch App: Skype

 Yes, Skype is now available for iTouch and iPhone devices. You can now call Skype-to-Skype, wherever you are - either on 3G or WiFi! The good real good news is that it's completely free to call your buddies on Skype via WiFi, and free on 3G until the end of 2010. Isn't it great? This is a must-have application for all.

09 August 2010

Machine Shop Shirt is Here!

UST Mechanical Engineering - Machine Shop
 The long-awaited Machine Shop shirt has finally arrived! Cheers, 3MEAAfter waiting for almost half of a semester, we won't be entering the building wearing black shirts with random prints. We are now united as one. I feel like we are just about to start our Machine Shop class when we already finished a project. 

Photos of the shirt after the cut.

08 August 2010

Management - Chapter 7 & 8

 Here are the last two chapters included in the preliminary examination on Management. The scope is from chapter 4 to 8. You can access chapters 4 to 6 HERE.

Good luck on the exam. Study well.

Access the schedule of our preliminary examinations in the Calendar of Events of 3MEA, scroll down until you reach the bottom of this page.

iTouch App: Promodoro

 Promodoro is a time management application based on the Pomodoro technique. This technique allows you to get the most out of time management. Turn time into a valuable ally to accomplish what you want to do and chart continuous improvement in the way you do it.

06 August 2010

Meebo Widget: Communicate to Your Visitors

 Time to communicate to your readers with the aid of Meebo Me. Meebo Me is designed for anyone with a home on the web. If you've got a web page where you'd like to communicate with your visitors, meebo me allows you to see the people who are visiting your web page and chat with them!

If you wanted to see a sample, look at the right side of the site and you'll see a chat box that let's you send a message. So, how does it works? The Meebo Me widget allows your visitors to send you a message and able you to read it at the same time. Moreover, it lets you send a message back thus, private live chatting occurs between you and your visitor. 

Steps after the cut.

04 August 2010

May Pasok Ba?

"*Sigh* Is there a class today?"

 Was there an instance happened that you do not know if you should go to school due to inconsistency of hearsays because there is a typhoon? 

"I should have not went to school. There's no class. *:c*."
Did it happen that you went to school knowing that your school announced a late suspension of classes that you didn't have a chance to know?

03 August 2010

At Last, a JanSport Bag!

 At last, I got a JanSport bag. I got it last Saturday when we attended the celebration of my grandmother's birthday and my uncle's 3rd business anniversary. He is selling supplements for those who workout on gyms through online marketing. By the way, if you are interested or taking in muscle juice, whey protein, for example, feel free to visit his site, Body Blast. Before we, with my mom and sister, went to Gerry's Grill, we entered Bratpack and in no time I'm already decided to buy a bag. 

Photos after the cut.

02 August 2010

Kinematics - Instantaneous Axis CAD (Plate #3)

Given the linkage Q2BCQ4EFH. Q2 and Q4 are fixed centers lying horizontally 6 in. apart with Q2 to left of Q4. Q2B is a crank 3 in. long and CQ4E is a lever 8 in. long pivoted at its mid point Q4, with C oscillating above the center line Q2Q4. BC is a connecting rod 7 in. long. EF is a link 8.5 in long driving a sliding block 8 and pinned to 8 at F, which moves along a horizontal line through Q2Q4 and to the right of Q4. MH and NH are links 2 in. long pinned to links EQ4 and EF, respectively, 2 in. from E. These link are pinned at H within the acute angle Q4EF. Q2B rotates counterclockwise at 30 rpm.

Figure after the cut.

iTouch App: Opera Mini

 Get a fast, cost-efficient Web browsing experience. Use the powerful servers of Opera to compress data by up to 90% before sending it to your iTouch, so page-loads are lightning fast. Opera Mini is a breeze to use and can synchronize data between your phone and computer.

Trust me, it's really lightning fast.

01 August 2010

Winnie the Pooh with Tigger by Jep

 Believe it or not, this was a result of my creativity and boredom about 5 years ago. The times where I'm still fond of sketching figures. I cannot exactly remember why I ended up drawing Pooh and Tigger but at least they are here now. I'll share to you how I made them.

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