22 August 2010

President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III Website

 Our own President Noynoy Aquino launched his very own website last August 16, 2010. The main mission of PNOY Website is to create communication between President Aquino and the people, us. Another purpose is to get feedbacks from the society, telling the president their woes and grievances. It is to make a way for the Filipino citizens to interact with him in order to know the people's thoughts and problems to make the administration much more trustworthy. 

PNOY's Website is very reach with the latest news about what's going on inside the government such as his policy statements, list of his cabinet members with their respective link to their own departments, the contact information, links to official social networking pages.

It achieved 16,000 views within the first three hours of PNOY's Website from 94 different countries. This suggests that President Aquino's move is not wasted. In the near future almost all Filipinos would be visiting his site just to get informations about his plans and endeavors.

Click HERE to visit the president's website.

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