29 May 2011

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

 So what comes in to my mind when I hear or read Nuffnang and Hapee together? No doubt, FIRST CLASS! Nuffnang and Hapee are great business partners and actually been putting lots of great confident smiles with white teeth. ARE YOU FIRST CLASS?

25 May 2011

Where Will I Take My Boracay Rum?

BORING! As in tedious, uninteresting, dull, unexciting --that’s how to describe my summer vacation.

21 May 2011

Love at NUFFfamily Day!

 You've heard it right! Nuffnang Philippines will be treating us to a small weekend getaway before the summer ends. NUFFamily Day is going to be on May 28 (Saturday) at Crosswinds, Tagaytay. And we'll have an afternoon full of fun, prizes, and lifting lots of lanterns. Yes, this is so exciting!

Check out who's my date on the NUFFamily Day after the cut!

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