25 May 2011

Where Will I Take My Boracay Rum?

BORING! As in tedious, uninteresting, dull, unexciting --that’s how to describe my summer vacation.

Fact #1. I’m an incoming fourth year college student from the University of Santo Tomas and yes, I needed to spend a month or two for an on-the-job training or internship or practicum, however you might want to call it.

That thing which prohibits one to enjoy the blazing sun and clear skies with a date.
That thing which excludes you to all the summer getaways with barkada.
That thing which forces you to wake up early in the morning so as not to be late or else you won’t be able to have the practicum finished before the summer ends or at least before the classes start.
That same thing which makes you stay in an air-conditioned office for at least 8 hours—sleepy but just can’t take a nap; hungry but won’t let you eat; bored but won’t let you quit.

The office chairs and tables, strict supervisors, research papers, home works and other tasks, just make my summer less thrilling.

Fact #2. I haven’t been to what others would describe as the “ultimate destination for adventure and relaxation”—Boracay. I haven’t stepped on its white sand. I haven’t witnessed sunset from there. Have I missed half of my life? Does that make me a loser? I hope not. I haven’t been to Boracay but I’ve always dreamt of visiting the place. I’ve only reached the place by drooling over some photos or by imagining what I’ve been reading on travel blogs.

The sun perfected the glittering of the white sands of Boracay

Fact#3. I haven’t tried Boracay rum, Tanduay’s recently launched flavored rum. Capuccino or coconut, (since according to some random people on twitter it smells and tastes good), I surely want to try it! Google says it’s a must-try drink of this generation!

How sweet to see your self  sitting on those chairs while having a toast of Boracay Rum with your loved one


I'm gonna take some friends at home! (What’s new? Haha)
Well, staying at home or at somebody else’s (which for me, has no difference at all) would sound and actually is pathetic. However, I believe, Boracay Rum would make such experience a whole lot of fun.
Luscious summertime favorites plus the best friends in town in their finest summer outfits would surely electrify our summer 2011.

I may not be able to take my friends at Boracay but I surely could take Boracay with us this summer!

Who could afford to let the most awaited season just pass by?

Goodluck to all the trainees for this year!

To my friends, FIRE IN THE HOLE!

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