21 May 2011

Love at NUFFfamily Day!

 You've heard it right! Nuffnang Philippines will be treating us to a small weekend getaway before the summer ends. NUFFamily Day is going to be on May 28 (Saturday) at Crosswinds, Tagaytay. And we'll have an afternoon full of fun, prizes, and lifting lots of lanterns. Yes, this is so exciting!

Check out who's my date on the NUFFamily Day after the cut!

Her name is Kcin. We've been together for about 2 years. What made me more excited is that when I've read the first announcement of the NUFFamily Day on May 2 was her (that was our monthsary c:). A time to share with her since we both have our on-the-job training and most often we aren't able to see each other on weekends. I decided not to talk to her about Nuffnang's event and made it surprise.

She was actually requesting to have a trip to Tagaytay this summer vacation before last semester ended, coincidentally and with some servings of luck, NUFFamily Day will be held at Tagaytay! May 28 would be a perfect day for us with Nuffnang and riding the NuffBus if we'll be able to get in. I hope she won't visit my blog until the announcements of participants so it won't break the element of surprise.

I would like to give thanks to the sponsors, namely Pizza Hut, The Picasa, Hapee, Neo, Bisolvon, Mister Donut, Skechers, Jollibee, Del Monte Pineapple Juice, Fit 'n Right, JAC Liner Inc., and Jack 'n Jill, that made NUFFamily Day a possible event.I hope they continue their business with Nuffnang. This will be a memorable day to all Nuffnangers that will part of the event. More power to our 12 prestigious sponsors!
Now, what really made Nuffnang Inc. a great company is their love for the Nuffnangers, the blessed Asian bloggers. I do admire and love their management on how they give valuable contests and events. More power to Nuffnang!

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