30 July 2010

Earn on Your Links Through Link Bucks

 Linkbucks is the first Internet advertising network to recognize that the interplay between websites and web users is the foundation of a successful viral campaign. Their network brings web users, websites, and marketers together in a way that is beneficial to everyone.

  • Web users: get paid to share your links

Every funny video, file, or web page that you've ever linked to is making money for someone. Linkbucks rewards the people that make the web possible by giving them a share of the advertising dollars that their links generate.

  • Ads that don't distract your visitors

If there's one thing web surfers hate, it's being bombarded by flashing "Warning" ads from every corner of a web page. This is why Link Bucks' service is based around links that you control. With Linkbucks, you get paid to link to whatever you want.

  • Make money from your outbound traffic - not your loyal visitors
Because of the way most ad networks are set up, sites are encouraged to annoy their loyal visitors in order to earn their money. Linkbucks changes that by monetizing your outbound traffic instead. Now you can earn money by linking to the site you would anyway.

  • High rates, paid twice per month
Link Bucks relationships with leading marketers enable us to pay rates above and beyond the industry standard. Also, unlike most ad companies that only pay out every few months, they send your money every two weeks.

Join Link Bucks now!

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