29 July 2010

iTouch App: Money Book

It may look simplistic, but MoneyBook is a powerful personal finance app that offers unique features in an award-winning, easy-to-use user interface.

Key features:
- See all your transactions in beautiful animated statistics (turn your device to landscape in transactions view/history)
- Handles expenses and income
- CSV export of your transactions via e-Mail. 
- Easy backup and restore of all your data. 
- Password Protection - Protect your personal financial data. 
- Notes for your transactions with a beatiful preview (tap and hold on a row) 
- A handy overview of your previous transactions.
- Simple, attractive interface.

- Recording a transaction takes seconds.
- Rollover into following month.
- Number pad with calculation.
- Edit all your data at any time.
- Customizable categories.
- Set when your month starts.
- Switch between budget and salary mode.
- Progress over the previous months.
- Recurring monthly transactions.
- Uses the currency from your iPhone region settings.
- Straightforward operation, ideal for use on the move.
- Usersettings

I'm using this great app for some time now. It's very simple yet very satisfying. It takes you three taps to add a transaction. Get it now.

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