17 October 2010

PLDT myDSL Modem Plus Wifi

“The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to my Degree in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.”

I'm on my third year now in the university unendingly persevering in order to attain a degree on Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Having an access on the internet is a big aid in doing school works for a student like me. Not to mention the most known as the fastest internet provider here in the Philippines, PLDT myDSL. PLDT myDSL will surely capture not just students' heart for the world wide web but the whole family with their newest plan, the PLDT myDSL modem + wifi! With simply amazing features:

I know most of the students today, in college or even in high school, sees the internet as a world of knowledge. Where almost all things that come in to your mind vaguely will be enlightened with a lightning speed internet provided by PLDT myDSL!

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