23 August 2010

Will Hong Kong Ban Philippines?

 This is probably what's running on your mind now. Will Hong Kong ban Philippines after the bus hostage taking of a dismissed police captain, Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza? There were a total of 15 hostages, 14 Hong Kong tourists, and 1 Filipino as the driver of the bus. It is not yet confirmed how many died in the said tragic event but what is sure for now that there were survivors.

No one can answer the question yet except for Hong Kong's government. But one thing is that we can all kiss Philippine's tourism goodbye because of the hostage drama happened at Quirino Grandstand this day. Let's all hope that it would not a big burden on Philippines attempt in changing its course in becoming a better country.

What do you think will happen in our country?

Update from GMANews.tv,
The Security Bureau of Hong Kong advised its citizens to avoid all travel to the Philippines an hour after the hostage crisis ended Monday.
In an outbound travel alert, the Security Bureau, changed its “amber alert warning" - meaning there were signs of threat - for the Philippines to a “black alert warning" indicating severe threats on the country’s security.
The Hong Kong warning stated that a “serious kidnap incident happened in the Philippines. [R]esidents should avoid all travel to the country; those who are already there should attend to their personal safety and exercise caution."
The travel warning came after the 10-hour hostage crisis ended with at least 4 Chinese nationals killed. Hostage-taker Rolando Mendoza, a former police office, was shot in the head by a SWAT sniper. 
Six of the hostages were confirmed alive, and the fate of the rest of the hostages were unknown. —Jerrie Abella/VS, GMANews.TV

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