04 August 2010

May Pasok Ba?

"*Sigh* Is there a class today?"

 Was there an instance happened that you do not know if you should go to school due to inconsistency of hearsays because there is a typhoon? 

"I should have not went to school. There's no class. *:c*."
Did it happen that you went to school knowing that your school announced a late suspension of classes that you didn't have a chance to know?

No need to be panic-struck because MayPasokBa is now helping us all to know the answer on one question that befuddles all of us, "Is there a class today?". Yes! MayPasokBa will relief our anxieties and will either say a 'Yes' or a 'No'. They will be a great help for us specially this season.

Check them out HERE.

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