06 August 2010

Meebo Widget: Communicate to Your Visitors

 Time to communicate to your readers with the aid of Meebo Me. Meebo Me is designed for anyone with a home on the web. If you've got a web page where you'd like to communicate with your visitors, meebo me allows you to see the people who are visiting your web page and chat with them!

If you wanted to see a sample, look at the right side of the site and you'll see a chat box that let's you send a message. So, how does it works? The Meebo Me widget allows your visitors to send you a message and able you to read it at the same time. Moreover, it lets you send a message back thus, private live chatting occurs between you and your visitor. 

Steps after the cut.

Follow these simple steps in order to communicate to your visitors.

1. Create and customize your Meebo Me widget HERE. You can adjust the width and length of your widget depending where you will embed it. You can also customize its colors in order to blend on the theme of your site. Get the code and embed it on your site.

2. After embedding and been satisfied with it, your next move is to visit Meebo.com and log in with your username and password. If you does not have a account yet then it's time to make one!

3. When someone visits your webpage, they will show up on your Meebo buddylist as a new visitor.

4. Lastly, you will now be able to IM your visitors in your buddylist or the other way around.

Now you're done! If this post helped you in any way, kindly click the 'Like' button for Facebook.

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