25 August 2010

Kinematics - Plate Cam CAD (Plate #5)

 Design a cam, turning counterclockwise, to give a reciprocating follower, slide 4, following motion: rise 4.25 inches with simple harmonic motion during 135 degrees rotation of the cam; rest for 45 degrees; drop 1.25 inches instantly; drop 3 inches with harmonic motion during 120 degrees; remain still for 60 degrees. Oscillating arm AC is 14 inches long and carries a roller .75 inch in diameter running on a journal B, 8 inches from A and on the center line of AC. This roller is actuated by the cam. A connecting link CD, 6 inches in length, joins C to the slide 4 at D. D is below AC. The fixed axis A, of AC, is 6.5 inches to the left and 3 5/8 inches above the axis of rotation of the cam. The center line of travel of D is vertical and 6 inches to the right of the axis of rotation of the cam. AC is to travel equal angular distances above and below the horizontal.

The problem was retrieved from Elements of Mechanism by Doughtie and James, p.480 - L-39.

Download the figure HERE.

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