26 July 2010

iTouch App: Today Todo Pro

 This application easily manages all your tasks. No unnecessary buttons, no myriad of taps to add a simple task. A sweat-free application. Don't be fooled by Today's appearance, it looks plain simple yet it offers many features. There is also a built-in web server that allows you to manage your tasks from your computer!
Here are the main features:
✓ Very innovative and intuitive interface
✓ Built-in web server that allows the management of the todos via your browser on the desktop
✓ Quickly create todos by turning the device 90°
✓ Work faster with well-known control patterns (like swipe to delete)
✓ Change the order of the tasks in the way that makes most sense to you by double tapping the sun
✓ Start fresh every day with an empty list and access your past todos by dragging the sun to the right
✓ Set priorities for tasks to easily spot the todos you have to focus on first
✓ Group your tasks using lists and switch between these with style
✓ Encrypted backups
✓ Put your untimed todos on the someday list and get them out of sight
✓ Easily move your unfinished past todos to the main screen with a simple touch
✓ Icon badge showing the remaining todos
✓ Option to automatically carry over unfinished todos to your main view each new day
✓ Option to automatically sort tasks by priority

Today Todo Pro: Act without doing, manage without effort.

After trying so many "task" and "to do" applications, I've seen Today and been happy with it. I'm still using it until now in my daily tasks. You won't regret in getting it.

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