24 July 2010

Kinematics - Displacement (Plate #1)

 After three failures on my first plate, I've finished a decent one. The first try was acceptable since I made a mistake on the first steps in drawing the figure. The problem on the second try was in terms of the scale so it's not pain in the ass. And the last one was a failure of my ruler. The ruler that I'm using that time has a different dimension, an inch in my ruler is smaller than the real "inch", and thanks to my friend because he's the one noticed the glitch on my plate but I hope he saw it earlier before I'm totally finished drawing my plate. Maybe my ruler was fake. So beware of fake rulers, it will waste your precious time.

Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org
My first drawing plate for this sem is about four-bar linkage. A four-bar linkage is the simplest movable linkage. It consists of four rigid bodies called cranks and links, each attached to two others by single joints or pivots to form a closed loop. Four-bars are simple mechanisms common in Mechanical Engineering machine design and fall under Kinematics. 

First few lines were drawn.

Finishing the oscillating crank.
Final plate.

I've traced the ellipse like curve and the semi-circular curve using my FRENCH CURVE. I've spent a full 5 hours in finishing this first *take note, FIRST* plate. So join me on the upcoming head-aches. Just kidding. 

Seriously, I'm having a hard time on my Kinematics. And I'm expecting a lot of trouble in the near future *fingers crossed* but I'm allotting more time in studying the course. Wish me a good luck.

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