16 July 2011

Management: A Global and Entrepreneurial Perspective

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Chapter 2 on Engineering Management
Professor: Engr. Chiqui Tan
Reference: Management: A Global and Entrepreneurial Perspective by Weihrich, Cannice, and Koontz

I. Objectives
II. The Organization and Its External Environment
III. Operating in a Pluralistic Society
IV. The Technological Environment
V. The Ecological Environment
VI. The Social Responsibility of Managers
VII. Arguments for and against Social Involvement
VIII. Ethics in Managing
IX. Ethical Theories
X. Institutionalizing Ethics
XI. Factors that May Raise Ethical Standards (a study)
XII. Guidelines for International Business Ethics - Focus China
XIII. Definition of Whistle-Blowing
XIV. Trust as the Basis for Change Management
XV. Key Ideas and Concepts for Review

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